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Our mentorship program is designed to directly combat issues that pertain to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) which are traumatic experiences that cause depression, rejection, anxiety, and other related effects from mental health. In addition to using mentorship to support our youth in building a strong mental mindset, this program will also help us cultivate meaningful relationships with one another through culturally relevant workshops. 


Our STEM programs are implemented primarily through hands-on science and engineering experiments and agricultural work, a broad selection of computer work, architectural engineering, and a variety of math games and workshops. 


Our financial literacy program is one of the most imperative programs that we offer because it isn’t implemented in our school systems. We will be teaching our participants about student loans, the stock market, credit cards, debt, generational wealth, and real estate. This will branch off the math portion of our STEM program but will be far more complex because of the activities that will be associated with the curriculum. 


Culture is an imminent aspect that is incorporated into our fashion program. We understand that fashion and art are multifarious topics that have developed into a profound situation because of the role that it plays in society. Our goal is to not only enlighten our participants about the history and culture of certain fashion styles, but we also want to educate them about professional clothing etiquette for formal events such as job interviews, colloquiums, and professional development, which can ultimately lead to an enhancement in their confidence and self-esteem. 


Since Maryland’s environment is heavily impacted by the Chesapeake Bay our environmental science program incorporates the significance of protecting the bay. We conduct neighborhood cleanups with the youth to teach them about the impact of littering and pollution. We also create garden beds in neighborhoods that are located in food deserts to teach the community members about cultivation in agriculture. 



Our Art program allows participants to be involved in the mural projects that we paint, but they will not be limited to just murals. Our art program tends to correlate with our architectural engineer program as well because, a lot of the work that we build is usually painted by our participants for creativity.


Our cooking program gives our participants the knowledge and tools needed to learn about different varieties of foods and culture. We also want to promote significance of having  healthier eating habits in our community, we want our youth to understand how powerful certain foods can be to our body. 



Outside of providing programs our nonprofit believes it is essential to give back to the community that many of our mentor and youth come from. We are cognizant of the fact that you cannot have COMMUNITY without UNITY. 

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